a) This is only an enquiry to quote and not an order. This is not transferable.

b) Tenders must be submitted in a SEALED ENVELOPE SUPERSCRIBED WITH OURENQUIRY NO & DUE DATE on the face of the envelope and should be addressed to ITI LIMITED,KANJIKODEWEST,PALAKKAD,KERALA 678623.


a) Tender should reach us on or before the due date before 11.00 Hrs of the due date.

b) Separate envelope should be used for each enquiry.

c) Please send your offer in a sealed envelope. Offer should have commercial condition and technical details.



Tenders against enquiries will be opened on THE DUE DATE OF THE TENDER or on the next working day of the due date at 13:30 Hrs. IST.  Interested tenderers are welcome to be present during tender opening activity



Open tenders ( not superscribed with our enquiry No. and Due date on the face of envelope) and/or tenders/FAX which are received late are liable for rejection.


a) Send your quote well in advance of due date to avoid postal/courier delay. Palakkad based vendors are advised to submit the tenders to our P&A Department in person to avoid postal delay/loss of tenders in transit.

b) If you are not in a position to quote, for any reason please communicate the same without fail to enable us to keep you in our vendor list.

c) Please indicate the SL No. & code/description exactly as per our enquiry. Any substitute or alternate code quoted should be clearly stated. In case the item quoted is under obsolescence, the same may be indicated with best last date of PO and supply feasibility.



a) ITI is planning to have long-term tie up with limited vendors, who can keep up good quality, prompt delivery and lowest cost, hence, you may quote in such a way that a long-term relationship is possible.

b. Prices must be per unit as called for in the enquiry and should be on FOR ITI Works basis only and inclusive of insurance charges.

c. ITI under normal circumstance may not negotiate for the price. We may also shortlist only two or three suppliers for ordering. Hence you are requested to quote your best price in the original quotation itself.

d. Any counter terms and conditions are not binding on us unless we agree to the same in writing.

e. In case of an order on you, the ordered rate should be firm till the completion of the order.

f. Vendor should deliver the material to ITI stores irrespective of whether they are Palakkad based or from outstation. Outstation vendor can make use of their local representative/courier service/Surface transport on door delivery basis to deliver the material at ITI Stores. ITI will not take the responsibility of clearing the goods from the carriers godown /office/railway station/airport etc.

g. In case of supply of imported items by local dealers proof of import should be provided. Prices quoted should indicate clearly the Modvat relief (by way of C.V.D) being passed on to ITI and supplier should furnish regular invoice indicating rate and amount of duty that is passed on which should be proportionate to the material sold to ITI from the relevant import consignment, covered under this appropriate bill of entry.



a. All applicable statutory levies like Sales Tax, Excise duty etc should be separately indicated with the current rate applicable, otherwise rate quoted will be deemed as inclusive of taxes/levies. Vague terms like "As applicable at the time of supply" should be avoided. Apart from statutory levies other charges like handling P&F etc will not be paid by us.

b. In case of sales tax exempted delivery, authorisation letter from the competent authority should be enclosed along with the quote.

c. In case of absorbing the sales tax portion, the same may be specified clearly in the quotation itself and not after the tender opening, which otherwise will be treated as post-tender correction and would disqualify your quote.

d. In case of statutory levies like Sales Tax, Excise Duty, Surcharge etc are modified, the same has to be intimated to ITI immediately.



a. We are eligible to avail the credit of Excise duty paid on items procured for manufacturing Tele-communication equipment under MODVAT RELIEF scheme. Hence "Invoice cum Gate Pass " in original for payment and transporter copy duly marked and authenticated is to be produced along with the consignment. In case of your failing to adhere to this instruction, no ED will be reimbursed by us.

b. Invoice should be in the prescribed form and have all particulars as per the Central Excise Rules and notifications as amended from time to time, particularly Assessor code, Range Division, rate and amount of duty debited and debit particulars.

c. Agents/distributors on whom an order is placed should also produce Invoice Cum Gate Pass as per the procedure laid down by Central Excise Rules and notifications issued time to time. They should get registered with Central Excise authorities where ED is being passed on.



 a. ITI prefers long credit period.   For any variation in payment terms quoted by different vendors, loading in the comparative statement will be made suitably.  


c. In case you fall under SSI as per DIC, please mention the same in all your quotations/invoices indicating also the certificate number. This is essential if in the unlikely event of delay in payment, you would like to claim preferential payment as an S.S.I.



a. ITI reserves the right to restrict the ordering to 2 or 3 vendors who are capable of meeting the Quality, Delivery and Cost requirements. Preference will be given to the vendors with well-maintained and proven Quality Assurance Systems.

b. We are planning to reduce inspection time with self-certification scheme for the vendors who keep up good quality leading to "ship to stock system".

c. Inspection of the material at our works will be final. ITI reserves the right to inspect the material at any other standard testing centre authorised by us.

d. We or our representative including our customer may if required preliminary inspect the product at vendors premises. Such verification shall not absolve the vendor of the responsibility to provide acceptable product nor shall preclude subsequent rejection during the final inspection at our works. It is the responsibility of every vendor to ensure that only the inspected materials conforming to our specifications/drawings/requirements are supplied.

e. The supplies shall be from the latest batch of production. Batch number should be indicated on the components/packet/test certificate and accompanying delivery challan /test certificate.

f. Test certificate/check list should accompany each supply. Consignments without test certificate are liable for rejection. Rejected material should be collected immediately (within 30 days) after our intimation by giving two days prior notice for completing the necessary EXCISE FORMALITIES. You should make arrangement to collect the material either personally, or through your authorised representatives. ITI does not take any responsibility to send the material back to you. After 90 days from the date of rejection intimation to you, the material will be scrapped at your risk if not collected.



Those bidders, who have not supplied the material against any of our earlier orders, should submit FREE SAMPLES clearly indicating enquiry reference. Free samples along with your offer are preferable. In case of a Purchase Order on you, bulk supply should commence only after approval of samples.



Please note that we are an ISO 9002 ACCREDITED COMPANY. All our equipments /systems have a warranty of 18 months from the date of despatach to our customer. Hence the warranty of your products should be for a minimum period of 24 months from the date of supply. Within this warranty period, if any of your components/subsystem is found defective during our manufacturing process/system testing/installation and commissioning/operation of our equipment in the field, the same is to be replaced free of cost immediately by you. In the case of Bare Printed Circuit Board suppliers, the cost of component damaged due to the defective PCBs, have to be reimbursed by the PCB suppliers within 60 days from the date of intimation.



a. We reserve the right to accept or reject any or all offers and to order full or part quantities or cancellation thereof without assigning any reason whatsoever.

b. Successful bidders only will be intimated by post through/letter of intent/firm orders.

c. Canvassing by bidders in any form including unsolicited letters against tenders submitted or post-tender corrections shall render their tenders liable for summary rejection.

 d.ITI places purchase Orders only on its approved vendors. If you are interested in getting qualified yourself as an approved vendor, please contact the concerned officials in their email-ids given below.

Components/items used in manufacturing telecom equipments itivdc_pkd@itiltd.co.in  , bsbhat_pkd@itiltd.co.in

Machinery/spare parts for manufacturing plant and process consumables  meth_pkd@itiltd.co.in , mfg_pkd@itiltd.co.in  Machinery/spare parts for PCB plant  pcb_pkd@itiltd.co.in  , pcbmeth_pkd@itiltd.co.in

PCB Chemicals and process consumables pcb_pkd@itiltd.co.in  , pcbmeth_pkd@itiltd.co.in

Others /general ekjayasree_pkd@itiltd.co.in  , pur4_pkd@itiltd.co.in  



Material should be supplied in sufficient air/sea worthy packages with proper sealing to ensure that the goods are received in good conditions free from rust/ corrosion and any transit damages. Packing Materials used must be Eco-friendly.    



Time is the essence of contract and the material against an order arising out of this enquiry must be delivered by the supplier according to the delivery schedule indicated in the Purchase order. In case any change, the supplier should inform us in advance and obtain our approval to the revised delivery schedule. Should the supplier fail to deliver the material or part, thereof as per the delivery schedule or any extension thereof, we shall be entitled at our option either to recover from the supplier a penalty equivalent to (1/2%)(half percentage) of the contract price of the item per week for first weeks and 0.7% per week thereafter for such delay or part thereof  the contract price of the item delayed OR terminate the Contract of Agreement of the balance supply  so delayed and purchase elsewhere at the risk of the supplier.



In case of an order on you will have to agree for an interest free security deposit, which will be fixed by us, by cash or draft only, which will be forfeited in case you fail to execute the order to our satisfaction in all respects. This clause may be waived off in case of approved or established suppliers. However, the sole discretion lies with ITI.



Please indicate your local representative's address, telephone No., E-MAIL address and  Fax No.  the person to be contacted, in the offer.



In the event of any change in the technical catalog, updated version may be sent to us immediately. It is essential that you simultaneously take up the same with approving authority and their approval copy sent to us.


17. Issue of "C"Form/Form'18' will be done on financial year wise as per the statement to be furnished by you in quadruplicate. We will be only endorsing on the same.



All suits shall be instituted in a court of competent jurisdiction at Palakkad and in case of arbitration, the Indian Arbitration Act, 1940 is applicable.