We boast the following:...

  1. Low Energy Consumption
    Only uses 20% energy compared to noramal pc , Just imagin the power savings if you are going for deployment of 1000 units.
  2. Space Saving
    If normal desktop is 10 lt then ITI Mini PC is just 1 lt. VESA mount support enables this mini pc be mounted on monitor back. See there is no requirement of additional space if you are using VESA mount.    
  3. Low Failure Rate
    ITI Mini PC is not having any moving parts , No fan , No more magnetic disks , works on SDD storage
  4. Impeccable ITI Warranty (3 years)
    ITI Ltd, India‚Äôs first PSU is very experienced in providing AMC solutions with state of art call centre, and web based tracking solutions. Just install and forget it for at least 3 years we are here to your protect your IT assets.